Welcome to the Amarna Letters, a blog dedicated to educating people about ancient History and Archaeology!

This blog is open to anyone willing to explore the world of the past. Articles will range on subjects from Anthropology to History to Classical Texts to even some Linguistics. Each post is meant to help broaden one’s understanding of the ancient world as well as provide an introduction into issues in archaeology and the study of the past.

This blog is run by a Classical Archaeology/French Undergraduate student who is willing to learn and write about our fantastic past! Have a question? Leave a comment on any of the posts and I’ll try my best to provide information on the subject. Keep in mind that this blog was specifically made to explore the history of the ancient Mediterranean.

I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I have writing them! I hope you have a beautiful day! Cheers


Business Inquiries – henri.apollo@gmail.com


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